a brief history

We came a long way, both trained to work a completely different field. Sometimes a weakness, most of the times a strength. We think differently, that's why it tastes differently.



From the bottom of the sea to Tel Aviv

For years Daan was roaming the bottom of the ocean doing all sorts of construction work in places most of us will never even see. At some point in between his travels around the world he went to visit his friend Jesse in Tel Aviv. The food (accompanied by a few beers here and there, nothing worth mentioning) that is served on every corner of the city planted a seed. When about a year later we met in the Pintelier in Groningen, we started talking about this food again, and then and there agreed we should bring it home.



A cargobike on the vismarkt

While Jesse was wrapping up his life in Tel Aviv, Daan was already shaping the next step. A very old cargo bike (rumors say it was over a 100 years old) was refurbished to fit a fryer and a salad bar. A recipe that was shaped in the middle east was finished up north and all of a sudden we were selling falafel from an old bike. A great first start to test te water and see if Groningen was ready for something new, something fresh!



The first FLFL shop

While selling falafel a couple of days a week from that old bike, we were on the prowl for our first brick and mortar location. Thanks to our loyal customers from the Stadsakker, we were informed about a tiny space in Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat. Even though quite old and neglected, we decided to go for it and made a plan how to reconstruct it into the (way too tiny) shop it is now.


Opening in utrecht

Late 2020 we acquired our first spot outside of Groningen. Where we both travelled the world, we remained Northern. We thought about our next step for a while and chose Utrecht because it resemblance with Groningen. The compact city centre, a young crowd and in need of some fresh food.

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