Bake your own falafel

FLFL is the home of fresh falafel. We do one thing, and we do it well. Following the many requests for fresh falafel to take home or to serve in your local business, we developed a way to get our falafel to your location of choice. The only thing you have to do is fry our balls for 6 minutes and serve straight after!


Where do I get this?

We have just launched the production of our falafel balls for retail and businesses. If you would like to try them at home go to one of our branches (we have started with Utrecht, Groningen, Haarlem and Zwolle and are soon expanding further).

The only thing you have to do is get your falafel balls and:

  • Put them straight from the freezer into the fryer;
  • Fry for 6 minutes on 175 degrees until crispy brown;
  • Serve with your favorite condiments (we all know it’s hummus).

Freshly ground falafel mix, scooped by hand and instantly frozen for the best restult!

You might ask yourself, fresh falafel but frozen, How does that work? After various tests and tryouts, we’ve gotten to the best process of keeping the freshness we want, combined with the ease of having them ready to eat in your freezer.

Tasty falafel guaranteed!

On all our falafel, we offer guaranteed flavor and freshness. Might the be any problems, feel free to reach out and we’ll take care of it! Would you like to try it at home? Come to one of our branches and pick up a portion of frozen falafel balls. Are you interested in serving our falafel in your business, click here.