Goals & ambitions

The reason we started FLFL is to change our lives and take matter in our own hands. The reason we started expanding FLFL is to bring fresh, healthy and affordable food to as many people as we can!


Where are we going?

At the time of writing we just opened our fourth branch in Haarlem. With every step of the way we find new challenges and learn new lessons. With every branch we improve little things in our process as well as in how the shops look and feel. Maybe it will always be this way, we will always try to improve and will never settle with what we have.

We are expanding whilst trying to keep our most important values in place:

  • Serve the best falafel we can possibly make;
  • Keep everything on the highest level, food, maintenance, staff and our brand;
  • Never forget where we came from.

We will try our best to keep up with our values every step of the way!

Sometimes we ask ourselves where we aim for, what is our endgame? That’s a question only time will know the answer to. We will keep doing what we are good at. What if every city in the Netherlands has an FLFL? Then we’re going to cross borders. Easy as that. One little step at a time.

World domination?

Maybe one day we will land back in Tel Aviv to give back a little of what we took. Not that Tel Aviv is the home of falafel, but it’s the home of our inspiration. And we’ll never forget the feeling we had after those first bites at Abu Hassan in Yafo, Abu Michel in Lod and Sultan in Ramla. That’s where the first bites of creamy hummus and crunchy falafel came from.